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Harold Baynes
Harold Baynes

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Hello my Name is Harold Baynes and I work full time from my home.

I've been In Network Marketing since 1996 I've been very successful
in this industry but just like the majority of people I've struggled
for years until I found out how it all comes together.

I'm retired since 1998 I live in upstate NY I love relaxing on my deck
and working my online programs.

With the economic downturn and millions of people out of work I'm always
looking to teach what I know about this Industry to others In an effort
to help others to do what I do with minimal investments to make a living
in hopes of implementing change in a society severely downtrodden by
poverty and high unemployment.

With that being said I work from home and make a substantial income and
find myself on a mission to help others to do the same.

Take a quick look at some of my cash generating programs and join in my

If you're coachable and willing to learn I promise to mentor you absolutely free!

1) KulemailexpressKulemailexpress

Residual Income Category: Advertising / Affiliate Program
Web Site Link:
Personal Comments: Kule Mail Express [KME] gives you instant access
to a unique mailing system that allows you to make
money, save money, and save your precious time.

This is a complete advertising system at your

The Jumbo Mailer lets you mail to up to 10,000
random users per day.

The Maxi Mailer lets you mail to everyone who
joins after you no matter who signs them up.

The Mini mailer lets you build and mail to an
all PAID list. You can build as many of these
mailers as you like.

You get up to 4 Feature Ads with 100,000 views
each. These ads rotate at 100:1 to give you
maximum exposure.

You can earn up to 40% commissions from multiple
membership and ad packages.

And you get affordable one time payments.

Kule Mail Express [KME] is finally here and we
know you will love it.

PS: You will love this site. It has everything
you need to reach a huge audience online.

PPS: Watch out for the huge bonuses as you signup.
My Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

2) mlmrecruitondemandmlmrecruitondemand

Residual Income Category: Network Marketing (MLM)
Web Site Link:
Personal Comments: Make money online, they do it all for you!

They have designed and created the next generation software
that has a need for anyone in the Network Marketing Industry
who struggle to find people interested in their business.

The system gives you 100 fresh leads of individuals who
are in network marketing now or were at some time in the past.

The benefit here is these people are experienced in the
industry and very little time is needed for training.

This is a marketers dream. These are fresh leads sent
directly to a contact manager specifically for you.

No one else shares your particular leads and all you must
do at this point is call them with a very effective pre-
written script that has been proven to get these leads
signed into your primary business.

This system will take your business to the next level and make
you a master recruiter.
My Overall Rating: 9 out of 10

3) OnyalistOnyalist

Residual Income Category: Network Marketing (MLM)
Web Site Link:
Personal Comments: I'd like to show you...

A unique and powerful way for you to build a list, make sales, and never lose a lead again.

This is the simplest way to make money online and generate leads you've ever seen.

Onyalist takes the hassle out of list building.

In less than 60 seconds, you can build a list for anything you are selling online, make sales, and NEVER lose a lead again.

All you do is enter a few lines of type or use our pre made headlines. Choose a background image, hit save and that's it. You're done!

To see just how easy this is check out the live demo at OnyaList.

You can earn up to 50% commission to and get paid weekly.

Put this powerful new tool to work for your business today!

You're going to love the way your pages look. We Guarantee it.

Never Lose a Lead Again.
My Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

4) DigiSoftPaylineDigiSoftPayline

Residual Income Category: Network Marketing (MLM)
Web Site Link:
Personal Comments: Start getting paid cash in the next 48 hours...

I'm operating a convincingly profitable business
using this powerful mobile app platform by simply
sending this link in text messages.

This page does an excellent job convincing prospects
to jump on board because they click the mobile link
while on their cell phones and the way it looks and
how it works is so appealing, they join immediately!

You will love all the $50 payments when people
join up with you once you register and start using
this powerful business in a box.

It's totally free to register and test drive the
system so click the link and register now.

You may very well get paid in 48 hours from now so
hurry and get your page set up!
My Overall Rating: 9 out of 10

5) GlobalCashPower


Residual Income Category: Other
Web Site Link:
Personal Comments: Let me mentor you for free to $3500 a week!

Working 40, 50, 60 hours a week? Trying to work on a Plan-B, but
just not enough time or energy left in the day?

Feeling you have zero time left in your days to build your ESCAPE
HATCH from the 9-5 grind?

You'd love to see an extra thousand dollars being added to your bank
account month after month after month...

But you just aren't seeing how you can loosen the "daily shackles"?

Hey, there's always tomorrow... And the next day... And the next day...

Ever feel this way?

Our plates can get fuller than we can handle, literally overnight.

It only takes one bad decision and then you're stuck hassling with it.

The GOOD LIFE we want can seem like a far off dream we'll never reach.

A nice, stable and secure platform that generates residual cash is what
you need that can be willed to your chidren.

That Would be nice, right?

The KEY is...

Say NO to more of the things that won't take you closer to your ideal of the good life.

I know...

Simpler said than done, right?

But with this awareness, and a little honest effort on your part?

I KNOW you can do it and gain massive benefits , very quickly.

This might help too...

I've got a big heaping cup full of HELP here, especially for building up a Plan-B platform that can
get thousands in your bank account and see higher months, consistently!

You will see the benefits almost instantly allowing you to receive cash residually and you will finally start to see that your job is no longer needed.

It only takes a little engagement.

You're getting exactly what works, so you're not wasting ANY of your time...
My Overall Rating: 10 out of 10

6) ViralCashClubViralCashClub

Residual Income Category: Affiliate Program
Web Site Link:
Personal Comments: I do not know if you are aware of this or not, but there is a
website that feeds you $10 bills over and over again.

It takes very little effort on your part to get started and just
3 personally sponsored people will get you up to $1000 per month income.

You will receive free referrals and free money when you join and activate
your account. Do a little bit of advertising, and watch your account grow.

Just click the link below to get started on your way to financial freedom.

Regardless of what anyone feels, getting FREE money is getting FREE MONEY!
I got mine, now go get yours!
My Overall Rating: 9 out of 10

7) Superspotlightads


Residual Income Category: Advertising / Affiliate Program
Web Site Link:
Personal Comments: A new AWESOME Advertising program has been unleashed
and they promise Guaranteed Visits to your Websites!

How would You like to receive Guaranteed Visits to your Website?

Join today and You will get your first 100
FREE Guaranteed visits from SSA members!

You can start now, for Free!

Add Your site and it will start rotating among others
members websites on their SSA Viewer!

You receive 100 Free Guaranteed visits to your
preferred website from other SSA members through
their "Spotlight Viewer"

Furthermore you may earn more visits by browsing their ads!

Here You also have a fantastic direct commissions system
and big earnings can be accumulated if You decide to upgrade.

Join for FREE and test the water
..You get 100 Guaranteed Visits as a gift!
My Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

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